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The frothy aftermath left on your ball sack after an extended sex session.
Excuse me while I go clean the shmool off my balls.
by TheDonger October 24, 2013
A Shmool is a gay man, often with glasses, who is impeccably well-dressed and extraordinarily handsome. Usually residing in rural areas, a Shmool draws attention to any room he enters. He enjoys a variety of genres of music, from pop (think Ke$ha) to indie rock (think Stars). The typical Shmool is surrounded by a gaggle of female friends at all times, due to his feminine nature.
Gay Man: See that Shmool over there? I'm going for him this weekend.

Fruit Fly: You might want to get a spot on the wait list, because that Shmool is in HIGH DEMAND.
by Quad Girl May 12, 2010
partying till the early hours the night before an exam or other important event.
exam tomorrow, thinking of chucking a shmool
by guur July 01, 2010
A cross between a shitfaced, stupid person and a moron.
Corey, you shmool! You can't even say the word shmool correctly!
by MichelleLynn March 21, 2006
Lovable Loser

Things just dont work for him for no other reason than he just sucks.
Well Shmool, it works for me... It doesn't work for you because you suck
by Chris April 24, 2005

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