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The act of becoming so sexually excited that you ejaculate, shit, and piss at the exact same time.
Random Guy1: Dude, did you hear about Jake and Shelly last night?

Random Guy2: Oh yeah man Jake totally shmoogled all over that ass.

Jake: I tried to hold it but... damn has she got away around the bedroom.
by PandaBearPro November 03, 2011
1.(v.) To attack someone while wielding a zucchini or squash, on the third monday of the month, if the attackee in question has blue hair or is in the marching band.

2.(n.) One who has been shmoogled.

3.(adj.) Suggests that the noun it is attached to is very shmoogle-able. This is a good thing.
1. Louanne: Don't make me shmoogle you!
Joe: Oh, please do.

2. Louanne: Joe, you're such a shmoogle.
Joe: Let's get it on.

3. Louanne: You are so very shmoogle, Joe.
Joe: Why thank you!
by Go make me a waffle, bitch January 06, 2004
1. to hookup or fool around
2. to look unattractive and disheveled or unhappy
3. a term of endearment
4. can be synonym of stuff
I totally want to shmoogle that guy" or "I feel totally shmoogley today in my sweats" or "Oh, shmoogle, don't worry, i love you" or "Yo girl, you got some shmoogle in your teeth
by shmooglegirl May 18, 2011
A hug between a male and a female where the males arms are above the femalse shoyulders, the femal puts her arms under the males arms around the waist area, then rests her head in the groove near the males shoulder.
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
a man with eggs, who dropped them off in a fat old ladies sack.
"wow, did you see that shmoogle with your mom?"
by stevenamandaarecool August 19, 2011
My friend sam, one day, i just say hey, you, shmoogles, come'er!
by jax loves vinny July 07, 2003
Shmoogle is an alternate word for Cigarette, or smoke...
1. Do you want a shmoogle?

2. Hey, Do you want to come out and shmoogle?
by thenigel May 13, 2008
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