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An erection that is obtained during Judaic prayers. Typically one acquires a Shmoner during the silent Judaic prayers such as the silent "Amida."Shmoners are very uncomfortable, irritating, and distracting. When one gets a Shmoner he typically attempts to conceal it by either putting the erection in the waistline of his pants, sitting down, or simply just by flicking his right nut. It has been proven that the most effective method to get rid of a Shmoner is by in fact; flicking the right testicle.
Person A: "Blessed are You God Almighty who gives us rain."
Person B: "Holy Crap! You have a giant Shmoner!"
Person A: " Shit. I get one every time I try to pray it sucks and they do not go away."
Person C: " Try flicking your right nut.. it works for me:)"

Person A: " K I'll try.....Shit that hurts......I'm cramping up but now it's gone and I can pray!"
by Moshe Silverberg October 27, 2011
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