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Someone of low intelligence; easily amused.

Origionated from the Three Stooges and the episode "Omigosh, Emir of Shmoe." (Circa 1947)
"What!? You don't know who Abbie Hoffman OR Charles Manson are?!"

"No, Ive never even heard of them."

"What a shmoe."
by Wyatt Tripps May 03, 2008
A guy who thoroughly enjoys getting his ass kicked by women. He sometimes will actually pay women to beat him and stomp on his balls and such.
"Look at that chick beating the shit out of that dude!"
"He paid her a Franklin to stomp his candy ass - he's a genuine shmoe."
by Stripah Vulcha October 25, 2012
A girl that lets guys think that they can get in their pant but are actually too big of pussys to do it.
Guy:Suck my dick
Guy:*pulls down pants*
by TessKenzi February 01, 2009
David: Hey, you wanna go see the new Nam movie?
Jimmy: I was in Nam!
David: Your Mumma is Nam, you Shmoe
by Luke Allen May 07, 2005
It means fat hairy sausage
"Whoa look at that Shmoe!"
"Thats one big Shmoe you got there,"
"Man! Look at your Shmoe!"
"His Shmoe is well big!"
by X_Doigy September 19, 2006
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