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An acronym for the phrase, "See How Much I Love You".
written in the fog on the bathroom mirror when your spouse is showering. He/She finds the sweet message, "SHMILY".
by Sandra Steiner January 24, 2005
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see how much I love you
see above
by J and S December 02, 2003
An acronym for "see how much I love you"

Couples usually write them on unsuspecting places so the other person can find them, thus showing them how much they love the other.

Once on person finds "shmily" somewhere, they will write "shmily" somewhere, and wait for the other person to find it.
The pattern goes on and on.
Vivian opened her wallet to find a slip of paper with "shmily" written on it. To reciprocate, she hid a piece of paper with "shmily" in Michael's pants drawer, waiting for him to find it.
#love #imy #ihy #ily #<3
by Kyaite November 11, 2009
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