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Shmill, really bad, weak, undesirable, lame, comes from 6 mile area in Detroit, used by Tony grown and Proof aka Deshaun Holton..
That girl is the shmillest, I was drunk as hell last nite and pissed myself, how shmill.
by Tony Grown July 16, 2006
5 Words related to Shmill
1. A person whose action can be described as gay, stupid, retarded, ridiculous, or annoying.
2. A loner, loser, idiot, fag or reject.
Replay needs to stop being so shmillish. Ian and Jeremy are true shmills.
by Geoff Schneider June 19, 2005
A person whose actions can be described as ridiculous, stupid, embarresing, desperate or baffling.
"Ian just pissed himself, what a shmill." That shmill asked me out. Jeremy and Ian are the biggest shmills I know.
by Geoff Schneider June 16, 2005

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