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The beautiful, yet rare coagulation of shit, mud and ice.

Usually found in cold, British winters.
1. "Hey dude, is that shit on your shoe?", "NO IT'S SHMICE TSCHEEEEEEEEEEEEE".

2. "Hey man, did you see how bad England were at penalties?"

"Yeah, they were as good as Shmice".

3. "Spiele mit die shit, spiele mit die shit, spiele mit die shit shit shit shit shit."
by SkillzPayBillz July 08, 2012
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To consume / take something ; usually referring to sofa's.
Example 1;
L - "Fam, That sofa is too much zimme?"
H - "Yeh geez, im gonna shmice myself one of those."

Example 2;
H - "Let's chill today. I shmiced this blond ting last night."
L - "Yeh blood ting ali, Corse you did"

Example 3;
H - "Im smash yo ass on fifa."
L - "Yeh blood ting ali, Corse you will"
H - "Ha, man was just shmousing."
by Grossmans Outlook on Life November 04, 2011
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