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A Secret word, used to make a person jealous, curios or mad. A word that "does not mean anything". The secrecy is the point, to not tell the person when you use it in a context. Similar to Smurf.
Male 1: Dude i totally just SHmeeked that sh*t.
Male: 2: What?
Male 1: It totally got shmeeked

Dude 1: Shut up or ima shmeek you
Dude 2: wha?

Angry Dude: F*ck you you stupid Shmeek loving Shmeeking Shmeeker.
by Jayquan February 22, 2012
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To smoke, blaze, toke, "do", marijuana.
"In parts of California, and most likely elsewhere, my homies say they want to have a shmeek sesh, not a smoke sesh"
by tclegit February 13, 2007
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A methamphetamine user who is so addicted to the drug they would do literally anything from selling sex to cleaning your whole house just to get a fix. They will often search bedding, carpet fibers, or any other area that little fragments of methamphetamine could have been dropped, forgotten, or hiding.
Brother: why is some random female doing the dishes?

Sister: I told her I would give her a 10 sack of meth if she did all the dishes before mom got home.

Brother: wow what a shmeek.
by Team Duckets January 14, 2014
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Verb. The act of expelling any bodily fluid/waste and then smearing the contents onto nearby surfaces.
Gary shmeeked all over Rich's couch one night when he was wasted.

Richard shmeeks off in school.
by DuganNugan July 02, 2010
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mellow, simple, a little sheepish, a little meek, but at the same time, cool, calm, collected & insightful

the shmeek saxaphonist played his music into the night, without a care in the whole world
by The_Wise_Man January 13, 2007
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To take something unknowingly from the owner, often times from right under the former owners nose.
While the bartender looked away, I managed to shmeek a bottle of Hennessey from behind the counter
by Bender"Bending"Rodriguez July 06, 2009
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A person who believes they're cool and enjoys expressing their coolness, either verbally or physically, to those around them even though they're clearly not cool; or don't in any way match the persona they've created for themselves.
That guy is a Shmeek.
by Joel Mckay May 26, 2006
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