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The property and/or act of smoking marijuania. Originaly verbalized and systemized by "Greg" the pot artist of urban Boxford, Massachusettes.
Last night me an the boyz went outside to shma.
by Hamster boy March 08, 2005
13 7
An exclamation or reacion. Synonyms: Hey, whatever, Wow.
You know what I say to that? Shma!
by Cat February 16, 2005
25 10
Originated from 'Undergrads'; Spud's saying. Only trekkies know the definition; they continue to refuse to tel the rest of us.
Where's your Yoda now, Gimpy? Shma...
by MarkP July 31, 2003
14 8
Exclamation of confusion
Person #1: Yo dawg i herd yo and yo dawg like yoyo's dawg so put yo dawg on a yoyo so yo can yoyo yo gawg while yo dawg yoyo's dawg.

Person #2: Shma?
by Smells like updog October 19, 2009
3 3
some random word!!
i feel so shma today!!!
by Anonymous July 13, 2003
10 10
sh'ma (anything you really want)
Sh'ma sh'ma sh'ma fucking sh'ma!
by Tamago April 03, 2004
4 30