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The best word to ever come about. It's unheard of to the general public, yet true comedians will know where you're coming from when you say it. "Shiznips" has been used in only the most hilarious situations and will forever be. Afterall, you can't say a word like "shiznips" without getting a laugh or two.
-Did you do the science packet?
-aw shiznips, no!!


*little kid walks by*
-Hey, shiznipper!
by Thecooliestaround June 15, 2010
A word commonly used when you notice something has gone wrong. Usually said slowly in a funny voice. Also can be used to call a group of bad people.
1. john- you left your pop corn in the microwave for 20 minutes now...
craig- ohhh Shiz-Nips ....

2. joey- mom, today mikey called me a dufus!
mom- oh honey, mikey's just a silly shiz nip!
by Kiena Reeves October 24, 2009
1: adj. of coolness,neatness, or just plan awesome.

2: cover up word for bad language.
1: That new cd is the shiznip!

2: Oh shiznip! I locked my keys in the car!
by kristena August 27, 2005
A small cracker like food made from a homeless guys feces.
Why do you like those shiznips, there nasty.
Every one is different. Collect them all!
some have corn and some have gummy bears!
by SixtiesGuy23213124 February 13, 2011
A Term Used For Being Annoyed Or Just Doing Something Wrong
'your flying low'
'oh shiznip!'
by Dwafty March 20, 2009
1)Shiznips: the most supremely awesome word in anyone's vocabulary, can be used in ANY situation.
2)Shiznips: the Cult started in New Mexico by a small group of scene's/skater's
Awwww Shiznips...
by Mawkus MiKenzii December 08, 2009
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