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someone who likes to kick it in the backseat on random occasions. a shivaani is definitely one of the funniest clowns around and likes to party from time to time. shivaanis are super sweet.
damn that girls a shivaani
by yeo011 April 09, 2011
Shivaani is usually named after person/ people who do not like hugging others.
Ugh, he never shows me affection. He is such a Shivaani!
by nimnom1 September 24, 2010
shivaani is commonly called shiv as a nickname and she has a loud ass fucking mouth where the whole entire hallway can hear everything shs saying. but shes funny and likes to make jokes but sometimes they are just stupid as fuck. shivaanis cute, loud and hilarious. but mostly loud..
that girl is definitely a shivaani i can hear her down the halls.
by xoxosunshine April 13, 2011

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