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An explosive shit that usually comes and goes really fast. You sit at the toilet and seconds later have a bowl filled of turd. Borrowed from the Nazi's "blitzkreig" or lightning war. At the end of shitzkreig you should expect to have a clogged toilet.
Gus: ben, are you okay? You look startled! What happened in there?!?

Ben: it was aweful.... Full out shitzkreig! I-I- I never had a chance
(Begin sobbing and curling up into a silent ball)
by Ben the pooper May 12, 2009
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Firstly one must have a strong need to have a bowel movement. When an unsuspecting person is performing a benign bathroom related task such as mouth hygien or hair care, the perpetrator rushes into the lavatory and evacuates in the unsuspecting individuals prescence, normaly in the toilet.
Shirley was flossing then I busted in with the old shitz kreig!
She had to throw up in the sink once she saw the corn.
by beckerman June 24, 2010
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