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When one pushes a shit out so hard that a male's genitals shoot up into the intestine, and come screaming out of the colon like a bat out of hell, often resulting in debris, ie. colon splashes. The sensation of "shitting of one's dick" may intoxicate the shittee into sureal hallucinations of peewee's playhouse. Shitting of Dick is a result of someone going to banana sandwich trying to forcefully discharge a fart, in rare cases producing mass amounts of chocolate rain and doo doo butter. Ancient tales tell of a superior being, Lordi, who is said to collect the remnance of a dick shit.
"Glucose, chill out with the protein shakes, or you'll end up shitting your dick like last monday!"

"Hey bro, can you give me a hand, I think I'm shitting my dick!"
by Dirty Uncle Red December 15, 2008
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