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adjective: A term used to describe the body of a flat-chested woman who has a straight, stocky torso and is overweight enough to have folds of fat. The appearance of her naked body is not unlike a sack of shit, hence the term "shitsack body"

Translated from a Korean term meaning basically the same thing
That chick has a shitsack body. Real women have curves not folds!
by bigdaddycooldiesel February 14, 2007
The police
Yesterday my friends and I were just hanging out by our apartments and the shitsacks rolled on us and accused us of slanging. My friend Dante was beaten for refusing a search.
by TheNumberOne August 14, 2010
the slang for a man bag usually worn by black gentelmen to hide his bananas and stolen goods the bag also usually contains a large pot of vaseline, afro comb and the weed they sell to stupid white kids
"why timmothy look at that black fellow wearing a shit sack and wearing his hat at a jaunty angle one would belive thats some rather next shit"
by akmid gehad August 11, 2006
Asshole human person; usually not much smarter than an actual pile of shit.
Bob told me I sucked, so I called him a shitsack. Little bitch ran home crying.
by Black Angel November 14, 2003
A term used for old Takeaway that has been stuffed in a paper bag because either

1: You didn't have time to eat it
2: It has been eaten, and has now come back out in the form of vomit
3: You are saving it for your dog
Daniel , are you giving that shitsack to your dog?
by baedified like a boss May 16, 2016
A member of the male gender who wipes his ass from front to back
Example: Negative. We just won't go there.
by Sam March 16, 2005
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