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Slang term, renaming Citrus County, in Florida, which is boring as hell, and pretty shitty.
Tommy: "Hey, I'm moving up to Virginia!"
Sam: "You're leaving me in Shitrus County?!"

One: "Man, I'm so bored"
Two: "Yea, there's nothing to do in Shitrus."
by Masked Octopus July 15, 2011
9 1
When citrus air freshener is sprayed after defecating, it produces a smell that is a combination of the two of these.
"Did you use the entire aerosol can? You smell like shitrus."
by UnFocused1 January 23, 2008
44 -1
The smell of Bed and Bath citrus spray after your spray your bathroom immediately following a big dump.
Did you use the citrus spray after you used the restroom? Why yes i sure did and now it smells like shitrus.
by Clay Rookdoggie October 04, 2008
6 0
The unique scent created by spraying air freshener in the bathroom to try and mask the smell of a recently taken dump.
"Hey, sorry but I took a crap in your bathroom, do you have any air freshener?"
"No don't worry, you'll only make it smell like shitrus."
by FRIED CHICKEN ON YO FACE December 22, 2013
1 0