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Someone who is constantly in the crapper taking a monster shit.
"Where is John"
"That shitmeister is in the crapper again taking a gigantic dump."
by Lauroland March 02, 2006
Shitmeister is a new meme on /b/ spawned from the instance when a britfag on YouTube named Acealiens took a shit on a newspaper, then covered it all over himself. However, the video was deleted an hour after being posted, and he was banned from the tubes. Shitmeister is a good pick to become the next Tubgirl or Goatse. His age is unknown. This is possibly even more disturbing and better than 2girls1cup.
Stephen: Did you saw Shitmeister last night?
Hugh: Isn't it stiffmeister?
by casdebom April 30, 2010