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Well hmm, lets see. The right way to pronouce the band name "Slipknot" Also kids saying 666 is not satanic.
by DeadThresholdJake August 06, 2004
A really badly tangled clump of shit in the anus hairs. Usually occurs when you have long asshole hairs, much worse than dingleberries. nearly impossible to maintain the will to live when you have to deal with a knot of shit in your butt grass! Not to be confused with the common insult for the band slipknot.
Leon S. Kennedy was fired from the racoon city police department on his first day because of the overwhelming stench of crap emanting from his old crusty shitknot!! Resident evil rocks, by the way.
by the Düv May 25, 2008
A knot made of the very long piece of shit.
by jajaadddd June 03, 2009
(n) a word referring to the metal band, Slipknot.
is used to make fun of the band for selling out with their album, All Hope Is Gone
Person1: Can you believe Shitknot sold out so bad?

Person2: It's called, Slipknot

Person1: no, Shitknot because they are SELLOUTS

Person2: god, i hate that.

they are sellouts.
by SpiffySeagull April 16, 2009
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