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Widely-acclaimed anonymous author of infamous wit and wisdom written on the stalls and walls of many bathrooms. The "Shithouse Poet" is believed to actually be a number of different individuals acting in nearly every state of the United States. Much to the chagrin of janitors, the Shithouse Poet leaves his nuggets (pardon the pun) of wit and wisdom in the form of well-crafted prose and poetry through various means in batrhooms throughout the U.S.A.
Some examples:

"They scrub these walls to stop my pen,
but the Shithouse Poet strikes again.
The erased words are all my life.
I'll next engrave them with my knife."


"Here I sat all broken hearted.
Tried to shat, but only farted.
So today I took a chance.
Now I say I shit my pants.
Tomorrow I decide my fate.
I'll borrow a quart of Kaopectate."
by Frank Klaune January 22, 2005
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1. One who speaks made up poetry to you while you are sitting in the bathroom.
2. One who writes made up poetry on the bathroom walls.
I am the shithouse poet, as if you didn't know it... I came here to sit and think, but alas all i've done is shit and stink.
by Johnny July 16, 2004
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When you think you have grown out of laughing at things on bathroom walls, then are not only laughing about the thought, but are truly inspired to write something.
I was waiting, ass clenched in my truck while getting unloaded

Now I'm thanking god for this outhouse or my ass would have exploded

*example of what a Shithouse Poet would write
by The Lost Truck Driver August 22, 2010
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This is the dude who writes funny shit themed poems on the walls of bathroom stalls. He mainly works at IUPUI in Cav Hall 2nd floor, but I'm sure there are more poets in the world!
"The Janitors work is all in vain the shithouse poet strikes again!" - Shithouse poet Left in the 3rd stall from the right Cav Hall 2nd floor.
by Mike Oxlong...seriously November 18, 2004
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