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The State of relief and euphoia just after unleshing a giant crap(or perfoming "Shock and Awe") from your body... usually accompanied by a long sigh of relaxation as your sphincter retacts to its normal state. Much like the state of relaxation after an orgasm... kinda...
"I shitgasmed twice already this morning... its gonna be a good day!"
by JadeHawk June 08, 2004
That really good feeling you get after taking a big shit
Guy: I took a huge shit like 5 minutes ago and now i'm having a really great shitgasm.
by me123abc January 14, 2009
When an individual releases the excrete that has been building inside of his or herself for hours. This is proceeded by a euphoric relief.
"Gregg, ever taken a shit that just felt so right"
"Oh, you mean a shitgasm, totally!"
N. The Best part of feciation. A moment of infinite awesomeness.
Boy: ohh, yeah! Yes!
Mom: honey, whats going on?
Boy: nothing, mom. Just having a shitgasm on the toilet.
by StarRockerGuy January 14, 2010
Straining so hard to pinch a loaf that a little bit of jizz dribbles out.
Man, after that shitgasm I had to clean my ass AND my cock!
by Toukolou1 February 03, 2010
The incredible feeling of taking a long anticipated shit.
I had to shit for hours and couldn't find a toilet; but once I did I had the best shitgasm of my life.
by sbsmike January 21, 2013
When a girl shits during an orgasm
Shitgasm.....Just imagine 'Psycho' but with shit
by H-Bo November 18, 2010