Nursing injury sustained at the fault of a co worker when they over vigorusly wipe a patients bum as you hold the paitents cheeks apart to help them.
'bollocks you shit flicked me'
'arggghh it's in my eye, ive been shit flicked'
by Sarah Owen October 22, 2007
Top Definition
A term used to describe a very bad movie you just shelled out $8+ to see and was severely disappointed in it. A true dud movie.
Man, Ghost Ship was a Shitflick! It shouldn't have even beem made!
by James March 29, 2003
A film that is COMPLETE and TOTAL SHIT due to reasons that include, but are not limited to:

- a terrible script
- horrible acting
- foolish directors
- portraying a waste of talent
- promoting idiocy and ignorance
A: My DVD collection's sick!
B: What're you talking about?
A: I got like, 500 movies, man!
B: Yeah... 500 shit flicks.

by haxico July 27, 2011
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