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Some idiot who thinks (s)he's amazing...when they're drunk.
"There goes Mr. Shitfaced Wonder again, trying to impress that model at the end of the bar."
by FB45 September 04, 2007
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a) A really ugly person
b) A general insult
c) Something to call a defective peice of hardware
a) Naruto: Hey! Shino! Look at that shit-faced wonder over there!(Points to Sakura)
Sakura:(Punches Naruto very, very hard)
b) Ichigo: Goddamnit! Keigo, you shit-faced wonder!
c) Urahara: Dammit! My PC is such a shit-faced wonder!
by Ginkitsune July 12, 2006
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A person who you think has a face like shit or a general
Person one: I hate you.
Person 2: Well I hate you to, you shitfaced wonder!

Bob: That woman over there is a shitfaced wonder!
Nathan: Let's hope she doesn't try to kiss us.
by Naruzumaki September 03, 2005
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