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Some idiot who thinks (s)he's amazing...when they're drunk.
"There goes Mr. Shitfaced Wonder again, trying to impress that model at the end of the bar."
by FB45 September 04, 2007
a) A really ugly person
b) A general insult
c) Something to call a defective peice of hardware
a) Naruto: Hey! Shino! Look at that shit-faced wonder over there!(Points to Sakura)
Sakura:(Punches Naruto very, very hard)
b) Ichigo: Goddamnit! Keigo, you shit-faced wonder!
c) Urahara: Dammit! My PC is such a shit-faced wonder!
by Ginkitsune July 12, 2006
A person who you think has a face like shit or a general
Person one: I hate you.
Person 2: Well I hate you to, you shitfaced wonder!

Bob: That woman over there is a shitfaced wonder!
Nathan: Let's hope she doesn't try to kiss us.
by Naruzumaki September 03, 2005
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