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Uses: Military(Nautical), Humor
Pronounced: 'Shit-bag-ery'

1.) The act of performing actions that are similar to those of a stereotypical shitbag.

2.) The refined art of evading any and all forms of work to get others bitched at, and maintain a complete lack of usefulness.
1.) "What manner of shitbaggery is this?! You don't put a fucking paperclip into a spaceheater, asshat!"

2.) "You, me friend, are proving to be quite adept in the arts of Shitbaggery. If I didn't know any better, I'd think you've had quite a bit of practice."
by Tyler Penley March 31, 2006
The act of using any availiable resource to avoid working. This act generally requires weak excuses or more effort than the originally required.
Bob: "The boss wants me to write this spreadsheet by tomorrow- so I told him that my Mom died"

Fred: "that's some shitbaggery right there!"
by shitbagger August 25, 2007
Shitbaggery: ˈshē-ət-baggə-rē• /verb, an act of a worthless,

offensive, or detestable person.

Also, may be the the actions of a Shitbag, Douchebag, Ahole, or loser that wears flip flops all year, no matter what the weather conditions are.
Jen's X-boyfriend drinks and ends up banging loser chicks, that is nothing but shitbaggery.

Zippy felt bad because he got caught red handed in a shitbaggery act in Kenneth City.

Some women are actually attracted to, and want a man to act shitbaggery towards them.
by Capt Morgan May 14, 2012
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