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a KitKat that is found to contain no wafer and only chocolate.
james reached in the biscuit tin, the gods must have been against him, he had pulled out a ShitKat.
#kitkat #wafer #chocolate #biscuit #nightmare
by czornsley November 13, 2007
A melted kit kat
A chick who gets into bed with you and soils herself because she nervous
I got in bed with some shit kat fat bitch the other day, it was nasty homez.
by Chrisdamainman September 06, 2005
A shit, cheap ass supermarket own brand version of a kit-kat. (see also 'fakeaway' a cheap imitation of 'breakaway'
I saw this peasant in asda buying some fucking shit-kats when I was queuing and couldn't stop pissing myself.
#chocolate #biscuits #poor #peasant #dole scum
by andy llewellyn 84 July 10, 2008
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