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Another name for a BlackBerry Smartphone, commonly used when it is malfunctioning.
This ShitBerry is absolutely doing my head in.
by Noggal February 24, 2011
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any berry in the wood that is picked and rolled around in the finger of one who had just bare-handedly wiped there ass.

shit berries are often used as in an initiation ritual when welcoming city folk into a more rural community.
i hear y'all folks just moved here from the big city. let me show you some of the local vegetation, here smell this. we call that a shit berry.
by minnow3647 March 23, 2010
Slang term for a shit BlackBerry phone.
Usually used when it is broken or frozen for expressing annoyance
Person 1: I hate my ShitBerry so much
by The WordFather May 31, 2012

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