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the best possible way affirmative response
"Do you want to come over for chicken and dumplings?"

"Shit yeah, I do."
by mrs. khalil greene July 14, 2008
A much more intense way of the popular 'Hell Yeah' phrase.
'Dude, that was awesome!'
'Shit yeah!'
by Clayton Bigsby White Power May 15, 2007
The most emphatic affirmative answer a human can possibly give.
"My homie asked me if we should hit the club on friday night and i was all: shityeah, fool!"
by Reckless Reid November 17, 2008
1) a very enthusiastic way of agreeing.
2) exclaiming that you have forgotten something
person 1 "dude, are you pumped?"
person 2 "SHIT YEAH!"


person 1 "we need *extra item here*"
person 2 "shit yeah ! i'll get that!"

by kb6011 December 30, 2010