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The act of Tagging photos on Facebook from your mobile device while defecating in the bathroom.
logged on to Facebook only to find that while my Father was in the shitter had shit tag fest with his Ipad
by Therealagoc July 03, 2011
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Small ball of shit that hangs in the hairs around the ass.
The shit tags were swinging on old Fred's nasty ass.
by Becky Ballsock February 01, 2007
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like a spider made of poo that becomes intertwined in the hairs of your towel holder.
"is that the pyob dressers?...i would like to make an appointment to have my shit tags tidied up"
by BURKY August 18, 2003
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"dude that shit tag is dope"
by no1nprtiqlr February 23, 2010
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