a sweat, usually located around the buttocks or arm pit area, which is the result of a long and perhaps painful shit
after trying for hours, he was starting to get a shitsweat
by i own your ass November 24, 2003
Top Definition
The profuse perspiration that one experiences when they feel as though their ass hole is literally about to explode with a mass amount of fecal matter, and there is no bathroom readily accessible.
Oh man, oh man! Pull over RIGHT now! I have the shit sweats! This deuce needs to drop right now!
by Kissesfromkrista November 16, 2010
hot sweat that protrudes from the sweat glands caused by taking an abnormally long, large and painful shit.
bro #1:"yo my jiblet homie is still in the bathroom!"
bro #2:"damn he must be taking a shit sweat... painfullll for the annalll"
by jiblets 4 dayzz June 25, 2011
When someone holds a shit for so long they start to sweat.
Normally once this begins you only have a matter of minutes till you explode.
Bro1: Bro why are you sweating its only 7 degrees.

Bro2: I've got the shit sweats I've been holding it for an hour

Bro1: You better start running before you blow!

Bro2: To late
by Crippollo June 29, 2013
Shitsweat is the liquid excrement that seeps down your legs after a hectic gym workout. This typically occurs when you've taken a fat shit and failed to wipe up effectively.

The result is that when you enjoy a massive leg press session, or a pulse-pounding benchpress workout, sweat forms between your ass cheeks.

That my friends - is shitsweat.

It can't be treated with Gold Bond or Talc powder. It's the worst thing and yes - it stinks out the gym... GTFOH!
Dvir forgot to wipe his asshole! Now he's working out at the gym and he smells like fucken shitsweat! Damn coondog - ffs!
by BChatz September 13, 2012
The bodily fluid secreeded from the anal glands of an obese individual who typically weighs over 450lbs. This is caused by the carelessness of that individual by not wiping their feces after taking a FAT DUMP. Therefore a chemical reaction occurs when the feces mixes with the secreeded bodily fluid forming SHITSWEAT.
Hey bro, you smell like shit, and you're awfully sweaty...Did you wipe this morning after your Chipotle dump? Oh, I see. Its SHITSWEAT!
by magic cyclops August 02, 2011
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