Top Definition
Slang for a Doner Kebab
Hey Jon, what you doing tonight?.....

I am off down the pub for 10 pints and a Shit Slipper on the way home!
by Bobbymoore January 25, 2010
1) a person who deserves to have their feet dirtied by shit.

2) a person who deserves to eat shit.
1) Fuck you man! You're a shitslipper!

2) You're such a shitslipper.
by Stanky Fred October 02, 2009
telling a girl that you like them but you dont know how to tell her in person, so you can only tell them in a letter when infact you have no interest in the girl at all and to her knowege only finds this out when she gets home only to find a piece of shit stuffed in a envelope.
DANNY: wow mark, i think that girl really likes you. you didnt give her the slip did you?
MARK: fuck that girl! i gave her the slip!haha
DANNY: wow dude, what a fuckin shit slipper
by tiranicle teabagger November 18, 2007
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