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Slang word for Anus.
"Got this lady back to mine last night and I give her one right up the Clacker Valve!!!
by Bobbymoore May 08, 2010
Slang for a Doner Kebab
Hey Jon, what you doing tonight?.....

I am off down the pub for 10 pints and a Shit Slipper on the way home!
by Bobbymoore January 25, 2010
The Common Garden Anus
You are talking out of your Ring Muscle
by Bobbymoore March 28, 2009
Spunk, Jizzum, pearl necklace
I whipped it out and strung a Jizz bead on her neck...Awesome!
by Bobbymoore January 25, 2010
frendly Slang for Anus.
Now then bum winkle, how ya doing
by Bobbymoore May 22, 2010

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