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noun~ A small annoying child, who is a direct product of asshole parents. Dubbed, said name, for being as persistent as those tough to get out stains.
The neighbors little shitskid, keeps fuckin' with my dog. I guess I'm going to trade the dog for a box of bees.
by Squeakster February 17, 2009
<i>n</i>, <i>v</i>
1.The doo doo stains left upon your underoos due to all the dingleberries rubbing against it as u walk.
2. When you flush the toilet and poo leaves graffiti marks as it goes down the poo sucker.
1. I dont wipe my ass really well so all my underwear contain shit skids.
2.My sister left her thong hanging in the bathroom only to reveal that she shit skidded on them.
by Angela The Defected September 15, 2004
when your so focused on taking a dump you don't realize you shat on your balls
YO fellas, after Mexican last night i was so desperate to drop my load i didn't realized i got shit skid all over the back of my nuts!
by pinball_w1zard September 19, 2007

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