A once good friend that has recently become addicted to online gaming.
Guy: Tim use to be a cool guy before online gaming.
Girl: Yeah, he's become a real shit bucket lately!
by ultraforwarden January 10, 2013
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an item necessary for obtaining a high level within the BattleField franchise
Jeff: check out that guys level
Paul: i wonder if he's emptied his shit bucket
by yous a bitch nigga November 22, 2013
A bucket for collecting feces and urine.
Instead of walking down the hall to the restroom, Ed takes a dump in the shit bucket and empties it weekly.
by FGump September 17, 2008
A guy who is extremely whipped over a female to the point if she had to take a shit on the spot,he would grab a bucket and catch it for her.
Jimmy: Did you hear about Luke?
Pedro: No, why?
Jimmy: Jane asked him to buy her lunch and do her homework again!
Pedro: Did he do it?
Jimmy: Yes!
Pedro: Luke is such a Shit Bucket!
by FloodedFloor August 28, 2010
A top level player on online games. Shitbucket is used to describe the players lifestyle, not having time in their life to do anything but play games, even having time to take a shit, hence the Shit-Bucket.
The shitbucket on the other team went 263-2 in the Viper and TV'ed 41 Jets.
by Satisko June 11, 2014
an annoying person, usually referred to as "stupid", or "get away from me (persons name here) can be used as an insult or as a friendly jest. Someone whos done something stupid. Literally "you have stepped in a bucket of shit " from the days in which people didnt have toilets. A witty remark.
todd man, u totally just spazed at mark, you shitbucket!
by gillian May 03, 2004
When you are so upset, and are not sufficed with merely expressing Aw,Shit! It is so much more than just shit, there are at least a few buckets present filled with Shit!
Aww! Shit Buckets!!! There are no nearby parking spots!
by nubsters December 03, 2003

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