A term refered to shitty ass drummers who have trouble getting accepted to Berklee college of music
Austin is such a shit bagger he cant even keep a steady 4/4 rythem while laying down a nice easy 6 on the floor, What an Idiot!
by jammal June 20, 2007
Top Definition
A comment made to someone with very ugly face
That girl is a nasty shit bagger
by TUBE 666 November 15, 2006
A dog owner carrying a see-through bag of shit while walking their dog. Though they are being responsible by picking up their dog's crap, nevertheless, they are walking around with a bag of nasty shit in their hands!
Why do shit baggers use clear bags to pick up after their dogs?
by Macphilia June 14, 2009
1. Someone who steals other people's lingo without knowing their meaning solely for the purpose to sound cool and totally abuses the shit out of it.

2. Also someone who tries too hard and makes no sense doing it.

3. Someone who makes up ridiculous sayings that make no sense:
Kimosabi on acid.
Chode on ice.
Chode of Destiny.
You're all Gracie Nikka.
Jumped on that shit like it was hot.
Okay Jimbo.
Sup Jack Stain.
I'm going to go Fiend up on some bitches.
Did you understand wtf he just said? whata shitbagger.

I can't believe he repeats everything i say hes such a shitbagger.

Did you understand anything she was saying? Chode on ice... she is such a shitbagger.
by Jake Arhhnold December 14, 2010
A shit-bagger is someone who makes excuses for his or her favorite politician no matter how much shit that politician may inflict on the public. Typical forms of shit-bagging are blaming all the favorite politician's mistakes on the previous administration, or the media, or some kind of conspiracy.
The TV commentator George Will was a dedicated shit-bagger for George W. Bush.
by Rutabaga Ridgepole May 21, 2010
someone who tries to stop people from shit stirring
stop being such a shitbagger and let'em have some fun!
by Sinister Intent June 15, 2004
n., One who shit bags


'Shit bag' derives from the Latin 'shitius baggus', which in early Roman tragic theatre represented the potential to spoil a positive scene. The shit bag would be hurled at an actor at random.

The colour brown has since been associated with shit-bagging.
"I can't believe what a shit bagger Gitch is."

(verb) "Don't fucking shit bag me again Gootch."

(v., past) "Gotam Dave Bhardwaj shitbagged everyone."
by Dave Bhardwaj November 30, 2009
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