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To have or acquire any shade of brown skin.
Sheeit, Tyrone! You is mo shit skinned than any nigga I's ever sees befores!

Hey Travis, you better tell your girlfriend to stay away from the tanning salon... you don't want her to get shit skinned, do you...

Joe: "Ahhh man! Someone broke into my car and stole my stereo!"
Police officer: "No doubt it's the work of that shit skinned gang, again."
Joe: "You mean there is a gang who has shit for skin?"
Police officer: "No, just the color of shit."
Joe: "You mean niggers?"
Police officer: "That is EXACTLY what I mean!"
Joe: "Damn shit skins!"
Police officer: *laughs*
by wawawazoo September 25, 2009
36 4
white man as his skin resembled dried shit.
by rwertr September 15, 2003
7 72