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One who is farting and doing a great job of stinking out the entire area he occupies.
Hey, Shit Pants, go take a crap before your kill us all.
by construction guy July 17, 2009
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referring to pants that are brown, or a shade thereof.
Drew is no longer allowed to wear shit pants onstage...he looked tragic in them.
by thetwin March 25, 2007
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A fashion disgrace commonly seen in inner city ghettos, trendy hip hop videos, and white/wigga neighborhoods where a gangsta or wannabe gansta busta-brown wears loose pants that look like they are carrying a bag of shit in their ass cuz they hang down so low. Also known as gangsta pampers.
"Excuse me sir, but you can't possibly hope to get a job with us wearing shitpants."
by miracle_max November 28, 2007
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when your ass-ring can no longer contain the chunk stench pushing against your taint and feces drips into your drawers.
Rocco, from Kennedy Middle School, circa 92-93. Rocco, a.k.a. "shitpants", took a massive shit in his pants one fine unsmelly day...well...we know that day turned out plenty smelly...thanks shitpants!
by My name ain't Rocco June 01, 2009
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