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Regardless of sexual orientation, shit fields are the pastures where an individual resides following a sexual encounter with an "ugly bitch." You are required to maintain the field by picking up the diarrehea that the ugly whore dumps on the green. One tries to escape the shit field by proving themselves capable of acquiring quality ass.
I have been running around in the shit fields for two years before I banged my best friends hot ass mom last week.
by Josh Sears June 17, 2007
Where Tim O'Brien drowned that poor son of a bitch Kiowa for snappin' up his girl. In Vietnam. During the war. See Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried.
"Tim took a dip in the shitfield on his daughter's 10th birthday."

Tim: "Kiowa meet shitfield."
Kiowa: "Glug glug glug."
by Kiowa (the Indian) December 17, 2007

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