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A guy who is extremely whipped over a female to the point if she had to take a shit on the spot,he would grab a bucket and catch it for her.
Jimmy: Did you hear about Luke?
Pedro: No, why?
Jimmy: Jane asked him to buy her lunch and do her homework again!
Pedro: Did he do it?
Jimmy: Yes!
Pedro: Luke is such a Shit Bucket!
by FloodedFloor August 28, 2010
34 12
A bucket for collecting feces and urine.
Instead of walking down the hall to the restroom, Ed takes a dump in the shit bucket and empties it weekly.
by FGump September 17, 2008
34 7
A once good friend that has recently become addicted to online gaming.
Guy: Tim use to be a cool guy before online gaming.
Girl: Yeah, he's become a real shit bucket lately!
by ultraforwarden January 10, 2013
27 1
an item necessary for obtaining a high level within the BattleField franchise
Jeff: check out that guys level
Paul: i wonder if he's emptied his shit bucket
by yous a bitch nigga November 22, 2013
20 1
an annoying person, usually referred to as "stupid", or "get away from me (persons name here) can be used as an insult or as a friendly jest. Someone whos done something stupid. Literally "you have stepped in a bucket of shit " from the days in which people didnt have toilets. A witty remark.
todd man, u totally just spazed at mark, you shitbucket!
by gillian May 03, 2004
14 8
When you are so upset, and are not sufficed with merely expressing Aw,Shit! It is so much more than just shit, there are at least a few buckets present filled with Shit!
Aww! Shit Buckets!!! There are no nearby parking spots!
by nubsters December 03, 2003
10 5
A nicer word for a "nigger , loot, coon, porch monkey, or yard ape."
"Damn man, That Gene Boyer is a real shitbucket. I would like to bust his shitbucket lips right the fuck up."
by Gogetfucked November 23, 2007
10 25