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An old ancient Arabic name,A shirwa is someone who has alot of common sense,funny,tall,brave and emotionally strong.Shirwa will get far in life,Welcomes all types of people into his life.Shirwa is someone who understands you're pain and problem,always has a shoulder for you to cry on,Very helpful guy.
Shirwa a wise person,who never stresses out.
by igdns web January 03, 2015
This name is an older muslim name usually means brave strong head of the house hold a mans man , but now when its given to a younger boy..he's probably the youngest ,spoiled, doesn't know how to take a no for an answer, probably is hated by everyone including he's siblings not because of jealously but of his obnoxious ways and irritating voice probably not the best looking person most likely to not live up to the meaning of this name ..a human being gone to waste disrespectful rude, and selfish . a hell sent of a person
Don't be a Shirwa'll probably die alone
by mumu1234 November 21, 2010
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