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An adjective to describe something to do with romantic relationships, especially by fans of TV shows to descricibe a romantic moment between 2 characters. Fans of a certain TV shows' romantic moments are called a <TV show> shipper.
That scene with Drake and Mandy is so shippy.
by Neavers November 09, 2006
Where there seems to be an emotional connection or sexual tension between two characters from fiction, as if they could be in a relationship. Shippy scenes can inspire shipping.
That hug was so shippy... Ash and Misty are made for each other...
by Blue Jack July 11, 2008
A person that lives the lifestyle of a hippy at the expense of other more responsible people; a shitty hippy.
He enjoys peaceful living as long as it doesn't involve working or paying rent.
Yeah, he's a shippy.
by strawbearie77 December 04, 2013
A adjective describing someone who is always stoned/drunk. Can also be used to describe someone who has serious, serious ADD

A noun that can be given to someone who is a bum and is always occupied trying to find ways of getting stoned/drunk.
"That fool was acting pretty shippy during last nights party"
"Damn, another shippy passed out on my yard"
"I saw two shippies selling meth in an alley"
by heinrich p blickitsmann June 02, 2005
A person who, at every opportunity, mentions an achievement they are proud of in every conversation.
Andrew: Shaun, you coming round then?
James: Hey, did i ever tell you i once climbed Mount Everest
Shaun: Yeah, for god sake James, your such a Shippy.
by Jimmyson19 February 27, 2008
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