A person who hates Twilight, Harry Potter, and Fan Girl, along with their fan fiction and characters.

Also sucks at drawing.
A person who thinks that their addiction of hating Twilight is beneficial is a Shipley.
by Edward Cullen12345 May 05, 2009
Top Definition
A $20,000 a year (and rising) school in Bryn Mawr on Philadelphia's Main Line. It is the 2nd best school in Pennsylvania beaten by the Haverford all boys school right down the street. Only one person in the history of Shipley did not go to college. It is rumored that he attended truck driving school instead.
(Harvard College Interviewer)

-And what school did you attend?
-I went to Shipley.
-Welcome to Harvard.
by Main Linerr November 16, 2006
A person, no taller than 5'6", who is a teacher's pet simpley for her name.

Also associated with synonym for shit

A girl who gets hot when thinking about Harry Potter, Twilight, or Project Runway- especially Tim Gunn
1) Shipley Hey Michael, did u watch Project Runway last night? Yea Tim Gunn is sooo hot I couldn't stop dreaming about his gay dick all night!!!
by UKnowIt94 December 07, 2009
Direct substitution for SHIT
Bull Shipley, That's Shipley, I have the Shipleys, Holy Shipley, He ain't worth a Shipley, Bull God Darn Shipley, Chris Shipley
by mattandcody July 10, 2008
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