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Shee-Pay> //:She pays/

A creature which lives in the southern parts of Asia and feeds on cockroaches and peanuts. Therefore it's mouth has the characteristics of a beaver in order to crush the hard shell of the cockroaches. although it has no nose, it can scent preditors such as the Shahzeb Shahzeb: a three-legged snail with an unpleasent odor produced by it's anus using its anal sections (it has three) from within fifty metres. One of the most mutated Shipeis tend to be able to play cello and say "poo" therefore its most common nickname is Shipoo.
During the years the word Shipoo has developed to describe someone who usually finds a sexual innuedo when it doesn't exist, and also has become a famous shampoo brand in Scandinavian countries, such as Sweden and Denmark.
God, he's such a Shipoo!

Oh don't worry, it's just a shipei.

U know, Shipoo has a new flavoured shampoo for this spring!
by Dr. Terry Richardson August 31, 2008
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