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A new form of lower leg exercise created by Ralph Drabble on accident. You need to have a table very close at hand to do this. While walking up to the table, you slightly bang your shin bone against it emitting a loud 'YEOOW!', then hopping back and massaging your shin and ankle. This is repeated several times to complete the set. Not only does it toughen the shin bones, it also makes the ankles more flexible.
Ralph: (he's walking into the room) Hey! Do you want to help me with my Shinups? I haven't done them in a while. My shins are getting so weak and I usually have tough shins, you know?!

Bryant: Sure! I know how. Just walk into the table and give your shin a gentle bang, right?

Ralph: Yeah, and then you MASSAGE (like he's drawing it out) your shin and ankle really good. And then you just do it again. It's easy!

June: (bangs her shin into the table) YEOOWW!! Like that?!

Ralph: Yeah, you've got it now. It might sting your ankles but it works wonders for weak shins!

Bryant: Sweet! (stubs toe on the table) YEOOWW!!

Ralph: (runs over and massages Bryant's shin for him) That's it. We should put these on video. Anyone could do it!

June: Neat, forget push ups! You want tough lower legs? Try Shinups! (slaps Bryant on the shin and gives Ralph a high five)
by Dusty's Baby Powder April 26, 2011
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