Prominent Seattle area nerdcore rapper with anime and video game themed songs.
Excerpt from Shinigami - It's Gone:

it's oldschool life for the simpler days /
it's oldschool life with the simpler ways /
catch me chillin´ like a villain with a thousand plays /
but I know it's not gone - nah it ain't no phase
by antisoc May 08, 2009
Top Definition
Shinigami literaly translated means: Death God, or God of Death. It is most commonly used in the Anime/Manga "Bleach" and the Anime/Manga "Death Note".

In Bleach, Shinigamis' (Soul Reapers in the English Translation) main jobs are to send spirits to the Soul Society (aka. the afterlife) and to cleanse Hollows.

In Death Note, Shinigamis are the (original) owners of notebooks called the Death Note. If a name is written in the Note, then the person of that name would die, and the responsible Shinigami would gain life.
Rukia gave Ichigo Shinigami powers to fight the hollow FishboneD.

Whoever writes a name of a person in the Death Note, that person would die of a heart attack 40 second later, if not specified.
by Redclaw5 February 11, 2007
Shinigami is a Japanese word for God of Death. They are the Western equalivant of the Grim Reaper.

Shinigami are also the primary focus of the popular manga and now anime, Bleach.
Rukia gave Ichigo the powers of a Shinigami to protect his family. (Bleach reference)

Only a Shinigami can put this lost soul to peace.
by Forksaken Profet December 17, 2004
In Japanese Mythology, the equivalent of our Grim Reaper. Many Japanese shows (i.e. Bleach, Death Note, Naruto, Descendants of Darkness, Zombie Powder etc.) use Shinigami in their plots, carting off the dead souls to the Meifu (Spirit Relem)
Ichigo completed konso on a konpaku, he was a shinigami.
by Dr.Pepperqueen January 07, 2009
the japanese word for death god/god of death

the hollow fighting warriors in the popular anime/manga bleach
the shinigami in bleach are gods of death
by steven jones November 15, 2005
The japanese word for the grim reaper, otherwise known as the mother in law
Oh no, shinigami (English translation: Oh fiddlesticks, the grim reaper/mother in law)
by ChibiGarrick September 30, 2002
An abscure defination of the God of Death used by Duo Maxwell (Gundam Wing)
Duo claims to be Shinigami after so many people he cared about has died in his wake.
by Pearl July 15, 2003
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