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In Japanese Mythology, the equivalent of our Grim Reaper. Many Japanese shows (i.e. Bleach, Death Note, Naruto, Descendants of Darkness, Zombie Powder etc.) use Shinigami in their plots, carting off the dead souls to the Meifu (Spirit Relem)
Ichigo completed konso on a konpaku, he was a shinigami.
by Dr.Pepperqueen January 07, 2009
Used in place of throw up, vomit, barf etc.
I just totally shmookalukabobed all over that dude's Jordans!
by Dr.Pepperqueen December 22, 2008
Looking kind of sick,like with rabies or possibly a bit tossed up.
"You look a little Shmoggin today, Laura."
by Dr.Pepperqueen December 24, 2008
A word that has derived from the words Scuba Diving. It is the ghetto form.
"I ain't goin' Cubba Divin' with chu, you know how much this hair piece cost me?"
by Dr.Pepperqueen December 22, 2008

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