The act of pressured, but not fully forced butt sex. Usually in context of an overdone initiation into a club of sorts.
That poor loser Wolfe got shimmy-shanked Saturday at the Shotputters initiation.
by Sketchnult April 06, 2006
Top Definition
Messing around. Joking around. In great dis-belief, craziness.
That boy is a Shimmy Shank.
Stop Shimmy Shankin' around!
You have got to be Shimmy Shankin' me!
by Dave25 September 23, 2009
An answer to anything. When not wanting to answer a question, or not wanting to tell the other person the real answer to the question, or if you have no idea what the answer is.
Teacher: Nick what is the answer to number 3?
Student: Shimmy Shanks.

Girl : Did you cheat on me??
Boy: Shimmy Shanks

Mom : What time will you be home?
Son : Shimmy shanks
by Shimmy Shanks January 10, 2010
A dance where one guy chases the other in a circle in a really weird way where one guy is backing up with his left foot in front of his right and the other constantly has hit right foot in front of his left.
Will Hunter Towery of Sondley, NC (828) 712-9306 was mad that I lied to him about the movie, so I shimmyshanked him a little and we were fine!
by Will Towery January 16, 2009
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