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A flabby, bowling-ball-like organism. Has a penchant for Diet Cokes(TM) and has the mental capacity of a four year old. In fact, these creatures have the remarkable ability to remain four years old for their entire lives. Has a zealot/follower mentality and will immediately devote them self to the meatiest, brawniest person in it's vicinity.
Prima: What's with that immature kid?
Secunda: Oh him? He's a Shillington, always following that muscleguy

A Shillington is analogous to a wannabe meathead
by PhDoctor December 05, 2010
A creature that is described as limp, floppy and unable to sustain an erect position. Often minute in stature, its exponential growth is a determinant of the level of testosterone in the relative vicinity.
Limp noodle

Girl: "He had a shillington on so the night ended early"
by Yuseless April 15, 2008
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