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The hot pec dude from the rap/rock group Crazy Town. His body rivals that of the studly Hayato Kanzaki, except Shifty has two (2) nipple rings, some other piercings (I forgot where...) and a bunch of tattoos all over his torso.
Both Shawn and I want to marry Shifty Shellshock....she gets him Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, while I have him Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Sunday we will decide who gets him by either flipping a coin (winner= 2 out of 3)or playing a match of Worms Armageddon (winner = 2 rounds)
by RatchetBoo June 14, 2003
1 Word related to Shifty Shellshock
A bit of a willy really.
Bit shifty...
by Evil Pete August 23, 2003
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