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Cash; money; dinero. Derived from they keys on a keyboard that produce a dollar sign.
Yo, I got to get some Shift-4 son so I can get me a sweet Chrysler.
by Z-Train July 17, 2006
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Money, Cash, moola, green paper. Any word that means money can define Shift 4. This word was created by using a computer keyboard. Hold down shift and press four and you make a money sign.
DJ DOC: Yo son, how we gonna get to Cali tomorrow for the show?

BV: Don't worry Doc, we be makin that Shift 4 so we will get there!

ex 2:
BV: U got my Shift 4?

Friend: How much I owe u?

BV: 300
by BV Productions March 22, 2009

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