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looking like a hard motherfucker; showing no weakness to these ho ass bitches, possibly jacking somebody's life
Niggas be looking shife, so I look shife back
by cutlurk October 16, 2006
1. Being hardcore. 2. Acting like you dont care about anything. 3. In some instances acting stingy.
Quit acting shife and give me a ride.
by Shife February 25, 2004
lookin sharp, tight, wearin the fly threads u got from that hook up place on the 1st of the month b/c yo baby momma dont know that u got her check
I hit the mall the other day and mr. willie was shopping at urban trendz, that pimp always be lookin shife, wherever he go.
by stinko #5 March 27, 2005
(1) Something that is so "bad" it's cool. (2) The act of being sketchy but in a mildy amusing way. (3) Complete disapproval of actions that a person has done.
(1) The fat bartender was wearing a thong and when she bent over we heard it snap which was so shife. (2) My buddy later took home that bartender but only after he was being shife. (3) We all thought that was awfully shife of him.
by Seyphis October 23, 2006
A piece of shit that has been frozen to be used as a knife.
He stabbed me with his fucking shife!
by Shife King June 12, 2008
being a rookie at a game
ha! what a fuckin shife
by big April 25, 2004

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