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To steal and/or shop lifting.
Person 1: That thing is awesome, how much was it?

Person 2: I don't know, I shiested it.
by raylinsxe January 14, 2009
10 20
A person who will take advantage and cheat in some situations.
Tom double-hits the pipe when no one is looking, that fuckin shiest.
by clamum April 05, 2004
218 115
to be a bitch or rip someone off completely
Corey is a shiest, she wouldn't tell me who was a Maccabi captain
by Ace Miles July 21, 2008
24 25
When a person rips you off for cash or even a good time
That shiest yelled at me during the Maccabi carnival: First you were on the dragon mon, and now you're on the moon bounce.
by Jheff Allenby August 06, 2008
12 14
When something is nasty or a hoe...also used for things that are uncool or weird.
Ewwww,,,look at Ashley she is so shiest.
Thats a shiest shirt yo,
Nah thats shiest nigga'
by B-Dot Capri February 28, 2010
4 12
To purposely remove part of the agreed amount of an item bought.
"Bob shiested me on that gram of weed!"
by Basey11 August 21, 2007
9 20
Another word for take, steal, and grab, etc.
"She just shiested ur seat"
Angus shiested Brittneys pipe!
by shushhh February 25, 2008
9 22